Chrono Bullet


Our story begins with a young boy who lived on the streets of Cincinnati. With his parents dead, the boy was raised by notorious gang leader of a multi-city spanning organization, Eddie Zhang. Zhang treated the boy as his own child, teaching the child in the ways of business and vice.

In the child’s free time, he developed an interest in kung fu movies. These movies often dealt with themes of justice and treated the criminal life as evil. The boy quickly became dissatisfied with his way of life and rebelled.

Zhang put the boy in charge of a large drug deal. The boy knew a police officer (with whom he had many run-ins before) and informed him of the deal. Needless to say, the deal was busted, and the gang lost some very substantial amounts of money in the process.

Unfortunately for the boy, Zhang quickly found out how this happened. The boy fled to the mountains of Asia, where he tracked down an ancient Kung Fu temple led by the stern Master Fu Chang. There, he told the old master his story and requested to be trained in the ways of martial arts.

Master Chang had always disliked the presence of strangers and hated foreigners. So when he agreed to train the boy, it was much to the surprise of his other students. As a man who rarely spoke, he never said why he took the boy under his wing. No one dared ask, for his students all feared him. Even stranger, he actually would occasionally smile at the boy and even showed outright excitement at the boy’s cooking (he had a natural talent for making soul food).

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